15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People of Yozgat  took to the streets.

People of Yozgat took to the streets.

TIME : 22:05 LOCATION : Yozgat

After the attempt of the treacherous coup plotters on the night of July 15, people of Yozgat took to the streets upon the call of President Erdogan. They demonstrated in support of democracy. Intense security measures were taken in front of Governorship of Yozgat and military in the city stood together with citizens. Exit from any military units were not allowed in case of a coup attempt. Commander of Provincial Gendarmerie Command Colonel Yıldırım who refused the illegal orders stood together with people. In the videos appeared in media, it was seen that Colonel Yıldırım tried to calm people “This manifesto is a pirate manifesto. It is irrelevant to reality. This is an operation of few members of Fethullah Terrorist Organization within armed forces and it is untruth and not real. Our armed force is always on the side of our people, you should know that.”