15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Intense security measures  were taken in the city centre.

Intense security measures were taken in the city centre.

TIME : 01:10 LOCATION : Balıkesir

On the night of the coup attempt, intense security measures were taken around 1 am in the city centre of Balıkesir. In front of military units in the city centre was blocked off with garbage trucks. Security measures in front of 6th Main Jet Base, Bandırma and 9th Main Jet Base, Balıkesir were tightened exit of soldiers from barracks was not allowed.

According to indictment prepared later, it was seen that two F-16 jets in 9th Main Jet Base in Balıkesir had been equipped with “Sniper Pod” to “provide ability to hit sensitive targets.” It was understood that two F-16 jets taken off from the same base had tried to intercept President Erdogan’s plane. Many high level officers including Commander of 9th Main Jet Base Brigadier İshak Dayıoğlu, Commander of 6th Main Jet Base Pilot Brigadier Mustafa Rüştü Çelenk, Commander of Balıkesir Maintenance School and Training Centre and Garrison Major General Mehmet Akyürek at the time were arrested.