15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Citizens, Police and Gendarmerie collaborated.

Citizens, Police and Gendarmerie collaborated.

TIME : 22:21 LOCATION : Kırşehir

On the night of July 15, citizens collaborated with mayorship, governorship, police department and gendarmerie in Kırşehir. After people crowded in Cacabey square, mayor, governor, provincial police chief and gendarmerie commander came together. They stood shoulder to shoulder with citizens on the night of July 15. It was found out that former Senior Colonel Ömer Kılıç who had been commissioned in İstanbul War Colleges Command had been appointed to Kırşehir Martial Law Command.

Kulaç who took the road from İstanbul on the evening of July 15 was caught in the early hours of the morning in Hacıbektaş District of Kırşehir while he was trying to escape disobeying stop warning of law enforcement officers. In the meantime, the former non-commissioned officer and specialized sergeant who had been commissioned in Combat Unit of Kırşehir Gendarmerie Command and had sent message of coup plotters to district gendarmerie commands secretly and without permission of the commanders on July 15 were arrested.