15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People gathered in squares.

People gathered in squares.

TIME : 23:50 LOCATION : Yalova

On the night of the coup attempt, people took to the streets in Yalova upon the call of President Erdoğan. Intense security measures were taken in front of Governorship and Police Department of Yalova. While police forces were taking intense security measures in the city, Airport Base Command in Çiftlikköy District was blockaded. In front of the Command was blocked off with vehicles.

Citizens kept democracy watch until morning. Then it was found out that about 400 military students of Air Force Academy camping in Airport Base Command had been taken to İstanbul and actively participated in coup attempt and occupied the building of TRT. Commander of Military Student Regiment of Air Force Academy at the time Senior Colonel Hüseyin Ergezen, 19 high ranking officers and military students were taken into custody.