15 июля


Saga Of July 15

About 700 coup plotters  surrendered.

About 700 coup plotters surrendered.

TIME : 09:40 LOCATION : Ankara

Detention of the pro-coup soldiers in the General Staff and General Command of Gendarmerie that have witnessed the biggest attacks during the coup attempt was started. First, nearly 700 pro-coup soldiers coming out of the General Staff HQ were surrendered to the police. Approximately 200 pro-soup soldiers were detained in the building of General Command of Gendarmerie, where an operation has been undertaken by the Special Operation Police. 3 Public Prosecutors came to the General Staff Barracks and received the pro-coup soldiers. Military officers and sergeants, who have been kept as hands tied in the rooms in the General Staff HQ since they have not involved in the coup attempt, were released in the morning hours.