15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Tens of thousands marched for support.

Tens of thousands marched for support.

TIME : 22:48 LOCATION : Trabzon

On the night of July 15, people took to the streets in Trabzon as soon as they heard about the coup attempt. Tens of thousands marched in support of democracy. In front of 48th Motorized Infantry Brigade Command and Erdoğdu Barracks in the city were blocked off with trucks and vehicles of the municipality.

In this meantime, Governor of Trabzon Yücel Yavuz called the then Deputy Commander of 4th Motorized Brigade Command Senior Colonel Bahadır Dalgıç. Governor Yavuz told Bahadır Dalgıç on the phone “I am the Commander in Chief of Trabzon. 500 thousands of people are coming from highlands to here.

You should come to the governorship.” Senior Colonel Bahadır Dalgıç who did not obey the order was arrested. His name appeared in the list of co-called martial law commanders. It was stated that Dalgıç would be appointed to Governorship of Trabzon and Bayburt if the coup attempt had succeed. A great number of soldiers including the then Commander of Coast Guard Group Command Lieutenant Colonel were arrested on charges of giving support to the coup attempt.