15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Coup plotters attacked  Governorship of İstanbul.

Coup plotters attacked Governorship of İstanbul.

TIME : 23:48 LOCATION : İstanbul

Another institution targeted by the malicious attacks at the night of the military coup attempt was Istanbul Governorate. The pro-coup soldiers first surrounded the building and entered the lobby. Then they took the governorate personnel hostage. The citizens, who have heard about the raid of the pro-coup soldiers, gathered in front of the Istanbul Governorate building and interfered the pro-coup soldiers. It was recorded by cameras that the citizens warned the soldiers, who were under the command of the pro-coup traitors, "Do not rise to this bait". After 2 hours of high tension, the pro-coup soldiers were repelled. At the same minutes, the pro-coup soldiers raided Istanbul Stock Exchange. As a result of the fire opened by the pro-coup traitors, a police officer driving a Riot Control Vehicle (RCV) as well as a citizen were martyred, and 31 people were injured. Istanbul Stock Exchange was recovered after intervention of Special Operations Forces which lasted long hours.