15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Police and citizens  stood together.

Police and citizens stood together.

TIME : 23:50 LOCATION : Edirne

After the attacks of coup plotters in İstanbul and Ankara to critical points, the coup plotters in 54th Mechanized Brigade Command in Karaağaç, Edirne took the action. The tanks and armoured vehicles that are actually supposed to protect the borders headed towards the city centre of Edirne with coup plotters. Their first target was Meriç Bridge between the city and command.

Armoured vehicles of Anti-Terror branch of Edirne Police Department and same dump trucks of private sectors blocked off Meriç Bridge and the passages were prevented. Coup plotters tried to enter to city centre again at 4 am. In the meantime, Süvari Bridge was also blocked off due to efforts of citizens and police forces. People against the coup gathered around officer’s club, Brigade Command and city centre and resisted. After the tension lasting for about 5 hours, coup plotters had to turn back their barracks due to the resistance.