15 июля


Saga Of July 15

"TSK seized  power."

"TSK seized power."

TIME : 21:50 LOCATION : Manisa

The centre of coup plotters in Manisa was Batı Barracks on the night of July 15. According to the information in indictment, Yavuz Ekrem Arslan, Manisa Garrison Commander at that time, and Central Commander Colonel Murat Yıldız knew the coup. They came to the Batı Barracks and transmitted the illegal orders to the other command units with “Harekat Yıldırım (Offensive Blitzkrieg)” emergency code.

Commander of Doğu Barracks Regiment immediately burned and destroyed the letter and stood out against the illegal order by stating that coup plotters would not let in the barracks. Uniforms and weapons were given to the soldiers in Batı Barracks. Instruction “be ready” was given to the units affiliated to the command, coup plotters started to take ammunition out of depots and ring vehicles were prepared.

Coup commander Murat Yıldız called Manisa Provincial Police Chief Fevzi Bilgiç and threatened him as “TSK has seized power”. Police Chief responded that they would resist the coup plotters. People took to the streets upon the call of President Erdoğan. Municipalities blocked off the entrances of Doğu and Batı Barracks with garbage trucks and vehicles. The tension came to an end in the early hours of the morning.

Garrison Commander and Central Commander at the time were arrested and put in prison.