15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Military and citizens stood together.

Military and citizens stood together.

TIME : 23:55 LOCATION : Nevşehir

On the night of July 15, citizens and military stood together. Exit of any soldier from barracks was not allowed throughout the city. Tens of thousands took to the streets upon the call of President Erdogan and demonstrated in support of democracy. Mayor, Governor and Deputy Commander of Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment of Nevşehir addressed a speech to people in the city square. A few days later the coup attempt, it was stated that  special police forces of 1500 had been brought in Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport from Southeastern Anatolia and Black Sea regions and they had been sent to Ankara in order to perform an operation in TRT General Directorate occupied by coup plotters. After the night of the coup attempt, the name of PTT Square in Nevşehir was changed to Diriliş Square.