15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People of Iğdır kept democracy watch for days

People of Iğdır kept democracy watch for days

TIME : 22:45 LOCATION : Iğdır

In the night of 15 July, state and nation collaborated and repelled the putschists in Iğdır. People of Iğdır who came to streets with the coup attempt were gathered in front of the provincial governorship and police headquarters.

Citizens reacted after hearings that 5-6-vehicle-convoy, which were seized by the putschists, had passed through the backstreet of the governor's building. In the same minutes, Iğdır Governor Ahmet Turgut Alpman was called by phone by putschist Garrison Commander and 5th Border Regiment Commander Colonel Ekrem Küçükberber and threatened "to come to the regiment commander".

Iğdır Governor Ahmet Turgut Alpman responded on the phone "Why are you making coup?" and denied the demand of the putschists. While the military barracks were closed with vehicles belonging to the municipality and special government, people of Iğdır held democracy watch for days.

Garrison Commander Colonel Ekrem Küçükberber, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Mustafa Ulus, Iğdır Aralık Infantry Battalion Commander Infantry Major Hüseyin Dağcı, Infantry First Lieutenant Emir Türksever and Aralık Gendarmerie Company Commander Captain Özkan Özalp were detained by the court on duty. Iğdır Deputy Governors Muhlis Arslan and Mevlüt Özmen were also arrested and sent to prison on the grounds that they had ties with FETÖ.