15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Coup plotters  attacked to Governorship of Sakarya.

Coup plotters attacked to Governorship of Sakarya.

TIME : 22:00 LOCATION : Sakarya

On the night of July 15, treacherous coup plotters attacked the Governorship of Sakarya. They opened fire on people. Coup plotters coming from central command on Çark Street carried out a raid on Governorship of Sakarya with heavy weapons and tanks. People of Sakarya who heard about the situation gathered in city square then came to the governorship by buses. Coup plotters asked for help from Ankara and İstanbul uselessly.

The tanks that came from İzmit for back up were stopped near Serdiven. People in mass started to enter into governorship. Around 1 am, soldiers in governorship opened heavy fire on people. 20 persons were injured. Citizens overpowered the coup plotters and turned over to police officers. The tension ended around 3 am. Tens of soldiers including Central Commander Colonel Ahmet Üzer and Acting Commander of 1st Motorized Infantry Brigade Senior Colonel Uğur Coşkun at the time were arrested and put in prison.