15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Kars was under attack  of treacherous traitors

Kars was under attack of treacherous traitors

TIME : 22:20 LOCATION : Kars

In the night of 15 July, Kars was under attack by coup plotters. With 16 tanks and armored vehicles that they had captured, they went to the streets in front of Kars Governorship, the Police and Rapid Force Building. First the police and then people of Kars resisted to putschists who wanted to detain the governor and police commissioner Kars Police Chief Faruk Karaduman. This hero stood in front of the putschists who came to detain him and said them with megaphone he handed "We will protect this country and nation all together. You are not authorized. We will not allow that". The police, saying "We will resist until the last minute", prevented the putschists who wanted to apply unlawful orders.

  People of Kars were also on the street at the time. People of Kars, beside the police, reacted the putschists and showed a great example of resistance by throwing slogans "Soldier to barrack". 

People of Kars on the tanks repelled the traitors and putschists were forced to return to the barrack. In those days fire was opened to the public from the barracks. Nobody died or injured. 

After the coup attempt 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier General Ali Avci, 9th Commando Brigade Commander Brigadier General Murat Yetkin and Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Serdar Güngör were arrested. Deputy Governors of Kars Adem Ünal and Ali Karakaya were arrested on the grounds that they had ties with FETO.