15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Coup plotters  could not achieve their goals

Coup plotters could not achieve their goals

TIME : 22:15 LOCATION : Muğla

On the night of July 15, one of the first targets of treacherous coup plotters was to assassinate President Erdoğan who was on holiday in Marmaris. Traitors could not succeed.

2 police officers were martyred in traitors’ attack to the hotel. Commander of Aksaz Naval Base Commodore Namık Alper who was one of the soldiers organized the attack in the hotel where President Erdoğan had stayed and escaped, and were caught in İzmir and Marmaris was arrested.

Besides Commander of the Base, lots of high ranking officers were arrested. Police officers blocked Turgut Reis Avenue in Muğla and stood by with body armours on and their hands on trigger.

Intense security measures were taken around the governorship, governor’s residence and police department in the city centre of Muğla. People who took to streets upon the call of President Erdoğan gathered in Cumhuriyet Square and organized demonstration in support of democracy.