15 июля


Saga Of July 15

“I do not take orders from dogs like you"

“I do not take orders from dogs like you"

TIME : 21:35 LOCATION : Erzurum

In the night of 15 July, the state and army cooperated in Erzurum. In Erzurum, people, mayor, governorship, police directorate and military collaborated. No soldier left the 9th Corps Command in the city center with instruction of former commander Lieutenant General Şeref Öngay. The corps command was blacked out to prevent possible tension.

In the first hours of the coup attempt, a putschist from the General Staff called Erzurum Police Chief Kamil Karabörk and said "We have seized the power as Turkish Armed Forces. Comply with our command".

Erzurum Provincial Police Chief, who does not comply with the law, said, "I don't comply with command of pooches as you. If you have courage, come and get me. You will see how I shoot you." With President Erdoğan's call to the people "resist the coup", appr. 100.000 people of Erzurum rushed into the streets.

Approximately a hundred thousand people of Erzurum held a democracy watch. Gendarmerie Regional Command Chief of Staff, Colonel Murat Koçak, who is so-called 'Erzurum Martial Law Commander' according to the list of traitors, and Murat Yılmaz, Director of Operation and Publicity Branch, who actively used the secret communication system "bylock", were arrested and sent to prison after the coup attempt.