15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Military and citizens stood together in Niğde.

Military and citizens stood together in Niğde.

TIME : 23:39 LOCATION : Niğde

On the night of July 15, citizens and military stood together in Niğde. A potential coup attempt was prevented. After the “resistance” call of President Erdogan, people took to the streets, marched for democracy and kept watch until the first hours of the morning. Police forces took intense measures in front of Governorship of Niğde with panzers and heavy weapons. After the night of the coup attempt, Commander of Niğde Garrison and Provincial Gendarmerie Command Colonel İbrahim Taşkın whose name had been found in the list of so-called martial law commanders was arrested. Colonel İbrahim Taşkın who confessed his connection with FETÖ in trial said that FETO members cautioned him “Perform the salaat secretly, drink alcohol and have your wife uncover her head”