15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Düzce Police Department  came to attention.

Düzce Police Department came to attention.

TIME : 23:10 LOCATION : Düzce

On the night of July 15, people followed the call “resist against the coup” of President Erdogan and demonstrated in support of democracy in Düzce. At the same hours, Düzce Police Department came to attention. Intense security measures were taken in front of Governorship and Police Department of Düzce. Exit and entrance of the city were blocked off with two riot control vehicles of Düzce Police Department. The order of taking Governor of Düzce Ali Fidan and Mayo Mehmet Keleş into custody could not be enforced on the night of July 15. After July 15, Commander of Provincial Gendarmerie Command Bilal Güvenir was arrested on the grounds that encrypted communication application “Bylock” of the organization was found in this cell phone. Former Commander of Çilimli District Gendarmerie Command who praised the coup attempt and former district police chief and deputy inspector who took the guns of officers standing guard on July 15 were also arrested and put in prison.