15 июля


Saga Of July 15

There was a great  resistance in Çorum.

There was a great resistance in Çorum.

TIME : 22:30 LOCATION : Çorum

On the night of July 15, there was a great resistance in Çorum. Measures of municipality and governorship prevented a potential mobility. Mayor, governor, police chief of Çorum held joint meeting. The then Commander of Çorum Provincial Gendarmerie and Garrison Senior Colonel Ahmet Çelik was one of the first commanders who stood up to the coup attempt and he explicitly stated that he would not obey illegal orders. All military guard posts and headquarters in the city were searched within 40 minutes and a potential attempt and exit of soldiers from barracks were prevented.

People of Çorum gathered around the clock tower and Gazi Avenue and held demonstration in support of democracy. Gendarmerie Senior Colonel Ahmet Öztürk who appeared as so-called Commander Çorum Martial Law was arrested. The then Chief Engineer of Warfare Systems of İstanbul Naval Shipyard Command, Senior Colonel Adem Durak who would allegedly be General Director of Türk Telekom if the coup attempt had succeeded was caught in Çorum and put in prison.