15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Police repulsed  convoy of coup plotters.

Police repulsed convoy of coup plotters.

TIME : 22:05 LOCATION : İzmir

The second most important base after the Ankara Akıncı Air Base occupied by treacherous coup plotters was Çiğli 2nd Jet Air Base Command in İzmir. On the night of coup attempt, the helicopters that carried the traitors planning to assassinate President Erdoğan who was on holiday in a hotel in Marmaris took off from Çiğli Air Base. But they could not succeed. The other helicopters that took off from Çiğli Air Base went to Naval Base Command in Foça in İzmir.

The coup plotters abducted the commanders of the base together with co-conspirators in there and brought commanders to Çiğli Air Base.

A group of coup plotters went to Çiğli by helicopters that took off from 3rd Army Aviation Regiment in Gaziemir. Then went to Aegean Army Command and tried to abduct Aegean Army Commander Abdullah Recep. However, they could not succeed since the guards resisted. It was stated in indictment that treacherous coup plotters even flied unmanned aerial vehicles over the area so as to abduct Aegean Army Commander Abdullah Recep.

200 coup plotters and 500 military students in Urla Menteş Camp in İzmir headed for the centre of İzmir by personnel carriers at the midnight. Each of them was equipped with 5 spare magazines and weapons. Convoy of coup plotters was stopped and repelled by police in İçmeler in İzmir. The then

Aegean Army Command Chief of Staff Major General Memduh Hakbilen was declared as so-called “martial law commander” in Manisa and İzmir on the night of the coup attempt. It was found that Hakbilen threatened Aegean Army Commander General Abdullah Recep and other army officers who impeded him with the following words: “A tank battalion will be in İzmir in two hours.

I will execute you all!” Hakbilen’s illegal orders given to the Bergama Tank Regiment and Edremit 19th Motorized Infantry Brigade Command were not implemented. During these hours, intense security measures were taken around the governorship and police departments in the city centre in İzmir. People gathered in Konak Square upon the call of President Erdoğan and waited there until the early hours of the morning.