15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Buildings were protected with armoured vehicles.

Buildings were protected with armoured vehicles.

TIME : 23:30 LOCATION : Ordu

On the night of July 15, citizens and military stood together and acted in unison in Ordu. Mayor, Governor, Provincial Police Chief and Deputy Commander of Gendarmerie of Ordu came together and collaborated to prevent any problem in the city. Commander of Ordu Garrison and Provincial Gendarmerie Command Colonel Sedat Sarıkaya ignored the order that had been sent by so-called command echelon of Gendarmerie General Command occupied by coup plotters and he took side on of national will.

Intense security measures were taken in front of governorship and provincial police department and the buildings were protected with armoured vehicles.

Entrance and exit in Provincial Gendarmerie Command were blocked off. Former Gendarmerie Colonel Yasin Ölmez who had been planned to be so-called martial law commander in the event that coup attempt had succeeded was arrested.