15 июля


Saga Of July 15

"I will shoot anyone who moves!"

"I will shoot anyone who moves!"

TIME : 21:45 LOCATION : Ankara

Another body targeted by the pro-coup soldiers was Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), where the so-called coup declaration was to be forcefully aired. Nearly 100 pro-coup soldiers raided TRT General Directorate building in Oran, Ankara, with armored trucks used to transport military personnel. The pro-coup soldiers neutralized the TRT personnel and many of them were handcuffed. It was captured by the cameras that the pro-coup soldiers threatened the personnel by saying, "We will shot if you move". At the same hours, the pro-coup soldiers in Istanbul made a raid on TRT Studios in Ulus and Harbiye. The pro-coup soldiers took the TRT personnel out of the buildings by threatening them with guns.