15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Clash between the police and putschists

Clash between the police and putschists

TIME : 23:31 LOCATION : Malatya

The highest-ranking soldiers were arrested in Malatya on the night of July 15. There were clashes between the police and putschists. Tension was high in the city throughout the night of the coup attempt.

Upon the news of the coup attempt, measures were taken to prevent possible attacks of putschists; streets were blocked by municipal buses while buses were also parked in front of barracks. People of Malatya marched in unity to the 2nd Army Headquarters located in the city. Malatya Governor Mustafa Toprak joined the people. Governor Toprak approached the entrance of 2nd Army Headquarters and asked to meet 2nd Army Commander General Adem Huduti. Putschists at the entrance, however, pointed their weapons at the governor and did not let him in. With tension mounting at the very moment, putschists opened fire on the people waiting around the building. Some were wounded by the fire and Malatya police fired back.

A putschist major was killed during the clashes. Further measures were taken in the city when it was found out that the 2nd Army Headquarters was invaded by putschists. At around 06.00 a.m., the airfield at Malatya 7th Main Jet Base Command was shot down by municipal vehicles and panzers provided by patriotic soldiers to prevent putschists from taking off and landing jets. Putschists made their final effort at Malatya Altay Barracks. 2 tanks leaving the barracks went to give support to putschists at the 2nd Army Command driving over the vehicles of citizens. One of the tanks was stopped by citizens, putschist soldier were taken into custody.

The other tank could only stop after hitting the wall of 2nd Army Command. High-ranking soldiers were arrested in Malatya after the coup attempt. 76 people including officers, sergeants and soldiers as well as Full General Adem Huduti of 2nd Army Command, former Chief of Staff Major General Avni Angun of 2nd Army, former Operation Support Deputy Brigadier General Zeki Karataş of 2nd Army, former Executive Chief of Staff Brigadier General Mustafa Serdar Sevgili of 2nd Army, Brigadier General Ersin Yıldırım who was a former officer of the 2nd Army, former 7th Main Jet Base Commander Brigadier General Emin Ayık were arrested.