15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Intense security measures  were taken in the city.

Intense security measures were taken in the city.

TIME : 22:52 LOCATION : Muş

In the night of 15 July, people, mayor, governor and police directorate cooperated in Muş. Police took extensive security measures in the city. Police kept a sharp lookout around the governorship and police building. With President Erdoğan's call to the people "resist the coup", people of Bitlis who came to the streets made demonstrations of democracy support. In Muş, tens of thousands of people participated in the democracy watch for days.

Muş Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Pilot Staff Colonel Osman Nuri Çevik was arrested in Eskişehir after the coup attempt failed. Former Muş Garrison Commander Assistant Infantry Staff Colonel İsmail Işık was also arrested and sent to prison. Police Commander Beyhan Ceylan and Chief Inspector Mehmet Türker Tuncer in Malazgirt, Muş were among those arrested since they did not comply with the orders given and they gave orders to the contrary during the coup attempt.