15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Intense security measures were taken.

Intense security measures were taken.

TIME : 23:36 LOCATION : Artvin

When the coup attempt news was heard in Artvin on the night of July 15, intense security measures were taken in the city. While the governor, provincial police chief and chief prosecutor held security meeting together, Senior Colonel Uğurcan Gençay who was in cooperation with coup plotters and had been Artvin Garrison Commander previously called provincial police chief and wanted them to surrender. He said that otherwise they the governor and police chief would be arrested.

Governor of Artvin Ömer Doğanay who was side by side at that moment resisted and said “I am giving order. We will definitely not surrender.” In the morning of the coup attempt, former Commander of Artvin Garrison Senior Colonel Uğurcan Gençay was arrested and put in prison. The then Commander of Artvin Garrison Colonel Adnan Dinçsoy was arrested on charges of being a crypto personnel on 15 July coup attempt.