15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Çanakkale police department  took action

Çanakkale police department took action

TIME : 23:00 LOCATION : Çanakkale

After the news about coup attempt came from İstanbul and Ankara, Police Department of Çanakkale took action. All teams gathered in the police building. Police teams got ready with long barrelled weapons and steel vests in case of a potential conflict. Police Department of Çanakkale and its surrounding were cordoned off and all roads leading to Police Department were blocked off. Due to the measures taken, gendarmerie did not go out to the streets in the city centre. Having received information that some military students and officers in Military Academy in Gallipoli had orders, measures were taken. Highways between Gallipoli and İstanbul were blocked. Upon information that coup plotters planned to go to İstanbul over Bursa by sea, Governor of Çanakkale Hamza Erkal ordered to close the seaports. Vessels waiting at seaport withdrew to middle of Dardanelles. The tension continued until the early hours of the morning. After July 15, 467 military students, 20 officers and drivers commissioned in Military Academy were taken into custody. Commander of Dardanelles and Garrison Commodore Serdar Ahmet Gündoğdu and Commander of 18th Mechanized Infantry Brigade İsmail Gürgen whose names were in the list of martial law commanders of coup plotters were arrested.