15 июля


Saga Of July 15

President is coming to  İstanbul.

President is coming to İstanbul.

TIME : 02:30 LOCATION : Muğla

President Erdogan left the hotel where he stayed with his family in Marmaris for Istanbul. After a few minutes, 4 helicopters, which took off from Cigli Base in İzmir and were carrying pro-coup soldiers affiliated to Combat Search and Rescue and Special Forces, attacked the hotel in Marmaris where President Erdogan and his family had been staying. 2 police officers were martyred in conflict against 37 pro-coup soldiers. The hotel was searched high and low. The pro-coup soldiers, who could not reach their treacherous goals, vanished away when they realized that the coup attempt would fail. While 36 of the pro-coup soldiers were captured, a pro-coup lieutenant was still being sought.