15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People adopted an attitude in favour of democracy.

People adopted an attitude in favour of democracy.

TIME : 23:15 LOCATION : Bartın

On the night of July 15, people of Bartın followed the call of President Erdogan and took side on democracy. Intense security measures were taken in front of Governorship of Bartın and provincial police department. People gathered in Cumhuriyet Square and protested against coup. 18 high ranking officers including the then Commander of Coast Guard Amasra Group Command Major Bünyamin Kopoycu who had ordered the boats at his command to sail in the coup attempt were arrested. It was found out that Commander of the boat TCSG-22 that had sailed after the coup attempt, former Lieutenant Emre Dündar told the soldiers who did not want to follow illegal order “We are soldiers, we have uniforms and we act according to the chain of command.” Commander of Bartın Garrison Senior Captain Mehmet Erdemir whose name was in so-called martial law list as Bartın Martial Law Commander was arrested.