15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People took to streets.

People took to streets.

TIME : 23:52 LOCATION : Kocaeli

After the news received from İstanbul on the night of July 15, people took to the streets. They gathered in front of Fleet Command in Gölcük District of Kocaeli. In the meantime, the entrance of Fleet Command was blocked off with municipality buses and construction vehicles. Tension occurred between the soldiers in Gölcük and citizens and soldiers fired gun into the air to keep away people. The tension continued until the early hours of the morning. At the same hours, an armed fight took place within Fleet Command in Gölcük. It was found out that 3 deputy commanders who had killed Commander of War Fleet Rear Admiral İskender Yıldırım had seized the control of Fleet Operation Centre. Order was given to all ships to take action.

6 frigates, 1 corvette and 4 torpedo boats anchored at Poyraz Harbour enforced the orders came from coup plotters. After Commander of Naval Forces Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu went on live on a TV channel and said “Any of force commanders do not support this attempt”, the ships that sailed turned back to the harbour. In the meantime, it was understood that Commander of Fleet Command Admiral Veysel Kösele was taken hostages in the ship and released after the coup attempt failed. After the coup attempt, 4 high level commander including Commander of Gölcük Main Base Rear Admiral Hayrettin İmren were taken into custody.