15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Fuel supply was given from İncirlik Air Base

Fuel supply was given from İncirlik Air Base

TIME : 21:30 LOCATION : Adana

One of the places from which coup plotters took support on the night of July 15 was Adana İncirlik Air Base. Fuel needed for the aircrafts seized by coup plotters who bombed on people in Ankara and İstanbul was supplied by tanker aircrafts that took off from İncirlik Air Base. Governor of Adana, Chief Public Prosecutor and Brigade and Gendarmerie Commander called Brigadier General Bekir Ercan Van, İncirlik Base Commander, by phone and tried to dissuade him from continuing the coup attempt but they reached no result. Thereupon, power of the Base was cut off and exit of land vehicles from there was prevented. It was detected that one those vehicles that had been directed to the city centre had been loaded with ammunition. Coup plotter Brigadier Bekir Ercan Van applied to authorities of USA in İncirlik for asylum but his request was denied. İncirlik Base was surrounded by police special operation teams in the early hours of the morning. Coup general and 15 co-conspirators were arrested. It was found out that only a non-commissioned officer in charge during that time in İncirlik resisted to the coup and those who could resist to coup had been sent to external duties or their houses.