15 июля


Saga Of July 15

Çankırı was a logistically  importance place.

Çankırı was a logistically importance place.

TIME : 23:35 LOCATION : Çankırı

On the night of July 15, Çankırı had an important position logistically for treacherous coup plotters. One of the pilots of the helicopters used in coup attempt in Ankara confessed that they had loaded 1 tone of infantry rifle and machine gun ammunition to helicopter from Çankırı that night. The pilot would land airborne forces at the General Staff but he could not succeed.

He took the ammunition to Akıncı Air Base where was the centre of coup plotters. It was found out that the then Commander of Çankırı Garrison Intelligence Senior Colonel Yusuf Beyazıt came to Çankırı that night even though he was on leave.

Coup plotter colonel who fled to Eskişehir when the coup attempt failed was arrested and put in prison. The soldiers including captains, non-commissioned officers and specialized sergeants who were commissioned in Çankırı 28th Mechanized Infantry Brigade were arrested on the grounds that they had connections with FETÖ.