15 июля


Saga Of July 15

I recognize my  state not you!"

I recognize my state not you!"

TIME : 23:38 LOCATION : Burdur

On July 15, handover ceremony was performed in 58. Infantry Training Regimental Command in Burdur. Coup order was given by a telephone call from Konya Gendarmerie Regional Command to Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Tayfun Dündar who had just been appointed to that task. Gendarmerie Colonel Dündar said on the phone that “I do not recognize you, I recognize my state” and hung up on that person. Previous Regimental Commander of 58th Infantry Training Regimental Command, Infantry Colonel Metin Karagöz who Dündar took over the assignment from was in cooperation with treacherous coup plotters. The previous 58th Infantry Training Regimental Commander in Burdur, Infantry Colonel Metin Karagöz who had been appointed to so-called Antalya Martial Law Command of coup plotters was arrested. 3rd Degree Police Chief Ali Uzun who told the policemen at his command on July 15, “If coup plotters come, surrender the Riot Police” was arrested and put in prison.