15 июля


Saga Of July 15

A group of coup plotters  took action.

A group of coup plotters took action.

TIME : 23:47 LOCATION : Denizli

A group of coup plotters took action in Denizli on the night of July 15. The soldiers who had been previously placed in Officers’ Club were taken out saying there was a “military exercise”. They were taken to Çardak Airport with the purpose of supporting the coup plotters in Ankara. They could not succeed since the military cargo plane that would take them to Ankara did not arrive. The coup attempt was repelled in the early hours of the morning. The soldiers surrounded in hangar were put under custody. Brigadier Kamil Özhan Özbakır, Commander of Denizli Garrison and 11th Commando Brigade, and 51 high-ranking officers were arrested.