15 июля


Saga Of July 15

People stopped the tanks   and armoured vehicles.

People stopped the tanks and armoured vehicles.

TIME : 01:00 LOCATION : Kırklareli

After the attacks of coup plotters, their followings in Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli where is the nearest city to İstanbul also took action. Coup plotters from 65th Armoured Brigade Command tried to take the road for support the coup plotters in İstanbul around 1 am firstly. Citizens repelled the tanks and armoured vehicles that coup plotters had seized.

They did not give up and took the road again. When they were moving to İstanbul highway, they were stopped by the resistance of people at toll gates in Lüleburgaz. In the meantime, discussion between a rebel with lieutenant colonel and Chief Public Prosecutor of Lüleburgaz Soner Gül was caught on camera.

The tension between coup plotters and citizens continued until 4 am. 170 coup plotters including 40 high-ranking officers and brigade commander were abducted by peopled and police and taken into custody. 16 improved armoured personnel carriers, 2 personnel carrier, a jeep and military ambulance were seized.

In the next days, it was found out that Deputy Commander of 5th Armoured Brigade Command the colonel who was accused of being responsible for FETÖ members in Thrace had sent a message a day before the coup attempt via WhatsApp “20 thousands of soldiers are ready in Thrace.”