15 июля


Saga Of July 15

State, military and  nation stood together

State, military and nation stood together

TIME : 22:45 LOCATION : Ağrı

In the night of 15 July, state-army and nation collaborated against treacherous putschists and repelled the coup attempt in Ağrı. After the coup attempt was heard, people of Ağrı came out on the streets and began to gather in front of the governor's building.

12th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier General Mustafa Yaşar and Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Coşkun Sel called Musa Işın the Governor of Ağrı and told him that they were with the state. At the same time, Doğubayazıt 1st Mechanized Brigadier Commander Brigadier General Mehmet Ozan threatened the Governor of Ağrı on the phone. Putschist Brigadier General said that he became so-called "martial law commander", "I took over the administration and I will take you in a little while." Governor of Ağrı, Musa Işın, said "People are with me.

If you can afford it, come get me out of here." People of Ağrı, who came together after the call of President Erdogan to "resist the coup", held democracy watch. After the coup attempt failed, Doğubayazıt Brigade Commander Brigadier General Mehmet Ozan and tens of putschist soldiers were arrested and sent to prison.